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I am in tears right now....  / April Theriault (one of his 1st crushes/ girlfriends )
Aaron was the first guy in elementary school to ever show any interst in me. Even when I moved to Texas at the start of 8th grade he somehow found me. The last time I saw him we were in 10th grade global studies. Even then he was always nice and interested. I actually just found out today about the horrible accident that happened, and I am in tears just thinking about it. Aaron was the sweetest guy ever, and I always think about him. Aaron you are missed. You were a beautiful spirit,a musician, an artist. I will never forget you, as a matter of fact I never have.
Aaron / Jenna Backus (a friend )
Aaron I cannot count the memories you've shared with my family. We considered you part of our family, I couldn't have been more then nine years old, but I still remember you always at dinner with us. And how you would show me and my sister your art work. You were such a talented person. You had an artists mind just like "the lizard kings" it was so very beautiful the way you though, you always saw the good in things. I have never met someone with a heart like yours. You have such a beautiful mind, and an even more beautiful spirit. You and my Dad (Jon) take care of eachother up there. Someday I'll eat dinner with you guys again. I miss you both very much. It's sad that things like this happen, sometimes its hard to fathom. However I found God in all of this, just like you would have seen the light through the end of the tunnel. I thank God everyday that for the time you and my dad were with me. You've both taught me that things happen for a reason, and although we may not see that reason, its there. Like my little brother Aaron Jon, that I love more than anything, in a way I believe hes your miracle, because out of all the bad, your passing and Jons, we got Aaron. Who lives up to your name, by the way he is loved by everyone around him. Just like you Aaron. You've changed my world.

Love Always,
Jenna M. Backus
My Friend  / Jodi Botsford-Hazard (Good Friend )
I remember going to school with aaron....spending a large amounts of time at church.....singing in the choir and doing silly kid things. what a voice he had.......then i remember being young adults seeing him every christmas eve at church and i'd get such a big hug and kiss he'd smile and ask how my year had been. like we hadnt mssed a beat ...I took it for granted that you'd always be there.....That every christmas i'd see your smile...i miss you and hope to see you jodi
my friend  / Michael Loiodice (good friend )

aaron was one of my best friends.   he tought me alot about life and how to live it.   he will always be rember in my heart and in my thoughts and in my dreams .  me and him loved to draw or just hang out .   he was one of my frist room mates .so we became very close of the years we lived together.  we learned alot about each other and because of that we where able to share alot with each other. he was one of the nicest people that i ever meet .  he was more that a friend he was my brother, my comrade. i will love and miss you always.
your friend and brother,
                 PHATBOY~ MIKE L

None / Christian Kidd (none)
Aunt to guardian angel (Stacia Collins) @

It kills me to hear that another person has passed away, because of someone else's mistakes.
our poem in memory of Aaron  / Maureen Fazel (ex-landlord-friend)
    Not a day goes by,   When we don't think of you. We remember  the closeness,and the laughter we shared.  You came to  our  home as a stranger.  But  left much too soon,as a dear friend.  We  miss you Aaron.   Love always,Maureen, Mike  and Chrissy                                                               
Sorry for your loss  / Christina (
Aaron was like a little brother to me..  / Heather Campbell (Friend)
   Aaron, you will always be in our hearts forever!  You were a special person and like a little brother to me.  I will always remember visiting Syracuse with Alissa from college and you always had a funny joke or story to tell to make us all light up with laughter!  You will be held dear to us forever and always and we all miss you!  God Bless you and your soul to live on in all our hearts forever!
So Sorry...  / Charlie (Passer-by)
I am so sorry for the loss of a brother, son, and caring uncle...  It is the hardest thing to accept that you will no longer be able to hear his voice, see his smile, or watch the funny faces he made when he laughed...  But remember, you weren't the only one to lose someone that night.  Jason, I'm sure has had the hardest time dealing with his loss AND dealing with the fact that he is the reason for this loss to himself and so many others.  Please learn to forgive.  There is no chance of forgetting...  We all know that if we have lost someone so tragically.  But to forgive is devine....  Try for the sake of Aaron's one time best friend.
Draft statement for court  / Mom &. Dad Miller (Parents)

We stand before you, one of two families with huge holes in our midst that will never be mended.  We hope you are eternally sorry for the grief you have caused. I could go on and on about our loss:  A niece that Aaron will never watch grow and hug again; a grandfather deprived in his last months of life of ever seeing his first grandson again; a father, now physically in need of help and support of a capable and willing son, without his help; a sister who carried him home from the "knitting basket" to adopt at Christmas time and love the rest of her life; and cousins who long for his warmth again.


                But you know these things will never be again so what CAN you do? Improve your mind with reading and further education.  Set goals for helping to prevent this type of event from ever happening again.  Never be a repeat offender, driving again impaired.  Tell as many others as you can of the dangers of "fun drugs."  Understand and make others know how dangerous a motor vehicle is every time one is driven by anyone -- even those not impaired!


                It is disappointing that vehicular manslaughter was not included in the charges.  The court should proceed with the full penalty of the crime.  During that time a highly focused program of rehabilitation regarding substance abuse and social responsibility should be imposed.  After serving a full sentence a long period of closely supervised probation should be applied to save this man's life as well as countless others.  During this time, our family requests, community service consisting of several appearances in the Liverpool area before small groups of young drivers to convey the events before, during and after this horrible accident.  The awesome responsibility of driving a motor vehicle must be realized by every driver and this poor driver should help spread that message.


                We thank the court for your consideration.

Statement by Aaron G. Miller's family at sentencing hearing of Jason Hardy  / Mom &. Dad Miller (Parents)

We come to court, one of two families with a huge emptiness in our midst that will never be mended.  We hope you, Jason, are eternally sorry for the grief you have caused.  This accident devastated our lives.  Under the circumstances we must ponder what has been denied Aaron in his death and likewise, what we and others have been denied in losing Aaron.  Not only was one person's life taken from our immediate family, but something was taken away from each and every person close to and touched by Aaron.


Aaron was denied:

                the wonder and challenge of a future

                development of his potential in work experience

                the full-life maturation process

                possibility of a family of his own

                 creativity in art and music

                socializing with family and friends

                intergenerational sharing in life experiences


Aaron's family was denied:

                his effervescent personality

                the role as uncle for his adoring toddler niece

                an eldest grandson's comfort in his grandfather terminal months

                a son's strong and youthful help with tasks now difficult for his father recovering from a stroke

                a brother to love the rest of his devoted sister's life

                a younger brother-in-law to kibitz with

                a cousin's attention and understanding and fun

                a son to bring again to his Mom, as he did on last Mother's Day, a dozen long-stemmed beautiful red roses - now dried in a shadow box


                There has been no assurance of closure - there will never be closure.  Day by day anguished thoughts of the accident recur;  these mental images appear real even though our information was through the media and word-of-mouth.  There is no resolution to the idea that Aaron did not suffer; at that instant no one was there in Aaron's mind to report to others.  NO ONE KNOWS!!  Under the circumstances we, Aaron's family, relatives and friends, suffer in assumption - an assumption that is painful and has scarred our lives.  We are disappointed that second-degree vehicular manslaughter was not included in the charges as it has been in the case at Colgate University, Hamilton, NY.  (We have not studied the due process of law and, therefore, cannot arrive at a comprehensive interpretation.)


                We, as Aaron's family, do not seek retribution with vengeance

- for such does not allow human values to be realized by any party involved with this case;  instead we ask that this court of law proceed with the appropriate sentence, as stipulated by law and as related to each event of death.  In addition, our family requests the application of a highly focused program of rehabilitation to include:

                (1) a thorough analysis of the known substance abuse/s and the activation of the appropriate restoration process

                (2) a system established nurturing appropriate socialization through training in awareness and skills and expanding one's self-worth with further education and training.

                (3) an extended period of psychological treatment that will be of benefit to Jason and also to society at large so that all people involved will experience the condition of restored health and useful and constructive activity

                (4) following the initial sentence, an extended period of closely supervised probation should be imposed as a life-saving measure for Jason and the community at large - during this time our family respectfully requests that several assignments of community service be designated for our home area at which time Jason will speak to a cross-section of student and/or adult groups offering as exact account of  (a) his own lifestyle up to the time of the accident  (b) any offences to society (c) accurate history of substance abuse (d) scenario of the accident (e) immediate re-call of the accident (f) incarceration experiences (g) review of the entire rehabilitation experience (h) "new life" goals and objectives.


                As was state earlier, we, as Aaron's family do not seek retribution with vengeance; rather we hope and pray for the birth and nurture of a wholesome conscience.

                We thank the court for your consideration.


                George Am Miller and Jane Kellogg Miller, parents

                Alissa J. Hamilton, sister, and Michael A. Hamilton, brother-in-law



Narrative for Court - May 31, 2001  / Mom &. Dad Miller (Parents)
To Whom It May Concern:

The ultimate loss for a parent is the death of a child.  Our son, Aaron George Miller surcumbed to injuries suffered as a result of the irresponsible driving of Jason Hardy last July 23, 2000.
He was  a very welcome help to us as we are now in our sixties and his father has lingering handicaps from a stroke which occured at the end of 1999.  His ongoing support, love and assistance will never be made up but are worth a tremendous amount to us.

  Some special projects he intended to do for us over the year since
he died would have been:
      *       Install ceiling fan in laundry
  *       Clean out cellar
        *       Remove wood and scraps
  *       Paint cellar
    *       Clean out garage
        *       Brace redbud tree
       *       Clean out attic
*       Repair attic insulation
*       Replace bathroom and kitchen faucets
    *       Build new base support for laundry tubs in cellar
       *       Repair  bed frame in master bedroom
     *       Repair side doorbell
    *       Label circuit breaker box switches

      Many jobs he would do for us are on-going annually such as:
     *       Painting two decks on our house.
        *       Repairing waterfall and pond edges of garden pool
       *       Edge and reset most of 1250 rocks lining property
       *       Seal driveway
   *       Trim and cut up overhanging branches from neighbors
     *       Repair outdoor lights

   Some jobs would have been done every six months:
        *       Detailing Buick and Caravan inside and out
      *       Help with garage sales, sorting and evaluating antiques and
    *       Strip and clean kitchen floor
   *       Shampoo carpets in eight rooms

  Some jobs would have been as needed:
    *       Lawn mowing assistance
  *       Clip hedges and tall plants and trim trees
      *       Help with spring planting

       Some jobs would have been done on a regular schedule:
   *       Paint exterior trim on sliders and garage       every 2 years
   *       Paint ceilings - living and dining room         every 6 years
   *       Paint laundry room                                      every 7 years
   *       Paint living room walls, stairway, hall, bedrooms      6 years
  *       Paint kitchen                                           every 4 years
   *       Other painting jobs, as needed, would have been done
    *       Repair or replace wall paper as needed

  Another project Aaron would have been instrumental in facilitating is a handicapped accessible entrance to our front door.  We  are having great difficulty finding help in building this project which, with paid labor, now will cost between $2000 and $4000 .

       Aaron had great pride in his niece and intended to save money each year on her birthday toward her college fund to invest and  he planned to earn a substantial amount of savings for her education.

    If Aaron had survived the accident, because of the extent of his injuries, the cost of his treatment would have exceeded $150,000.00 based on the experience of a friend of Jane's who had similar injuries in an auto accident.  However a person's value to this world over a lifetime goes far beyond this amount.

Jane K. Miller, mother of Aaron G. Miller
George A. Miller, father of Aaron G. Miller

May 31, 2001
A sympathy poem  / Ray, Jan And Sara Baron (Former neighbors )
To George, Jane and Alissa

When somebody dies, a cloud turns into
an angel, and flies up to tell God
to put another flower on a pillow.
A bird gives the message back to
the world, and sings a silent prayer
that makes the rain cry.  People dis-
appear, but they never really go away.
The spirits up there put the sun to
bed, wake up grass, and spin the
earth in dizzy circles.  Sometimes you
can see them dancing in a cloud during
the day-time, when they're supposed
to be sleeping.  They paint the rain-
bows and also the sunsets and make
waves splash and tug at the tide.
They toss shooting stars and listen to
wishes.  And when they sing wind-
songs, they whisper to us, don't
miss me too much.  The view is nice
and I'm doing just fine.
With deepest sympathy - Ray, Jan and Sara
A letter I wrote to Aaron's "friend" Jason, the driver that killed Aaron, while he was still in jail.  / Alissa Hamilton (Sister)

November 5, 2002


It’s been two years and three months since the accident you caused that killed my brother Aaron.  I just want you to know how much you’ve hurt me and how much I miss my brother. 

Aaron always wanted to be an Uncle and he was so excited when my little girl was born.  I know he talked to his friends about her all the time, he was so proud of her and he loved her so very much.  He loved making her laugh with his silly faces.  But he only got to be an uncle for 19 months – she is now 4 years old and she asks about her Uncle Aaron all the time.  She was just starting to talk in long sentences when the accident happened.  She still remembers when we told her that Uncle Aaron wasn’t coming to our house to visit us that Monday,  instead we we’re going to Liverpool to have a funeral for him.  Three hundred and fifty people came to Aaron’s memorial service! 

We have a little boy now who just turned 1– a nephew for Aaron, but he’s not here to get to know him and love him and play with him.  My little boy’s middle name is Aaron to honor his memory. 

A day doesn’t go by that when I don’t think of Aaron and wish July 23, 2000 didn’t happen.  Do you think of that day often?

Jason, did you see him after it happened?  I saw him the next day in the morgue – it was a sight that I’ll never forget.  My little brother, lying dead on a stretcher, his face all swollen an bruised and the rest of his body wrapped up tight because he was so badly injured.  The doctor’s worked on him for over 6 hours but they couldn’t save him – he was beyond help.

There is another baby named after my brother – Aaron Jon Tarbania.  I’m sure you knew Jon, Aaron’s boss from the Towers.  I was so honored when Jon and his Lani named their baby boy after my brother.  Jon was killed in a car accident in August – just 2 weeks and 2 years after Aaron was killed.  There is just too much sadness in this world. 

Jason, when you are released, please do the world a favor and teach children and teens that driving under the influence of drugs kills people.  It ruins lives – it’s not worth the high.

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